Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

DriveWealth’s mutual fund offering covers more than 30,000 mutual funds. Our diverse mutual fund offering supports the various investment needs and objectives of your customers. 

DriveWealth supports complexity with ease. Mutual fund operations can get complex with fund-specific regulations around residency, trading minimums, and breakpoints. DriveWealth navigates fund requirements and regulatory reporting so you don’t have to.


Automatic Dividend Reinvestments

Automatically reinvest cash dividend payments back into the underlying mutual fund with dividend reinvestment (DRIP).

Robust Reference Data

Access extensive fund information like operating expenses, portfolio turnover, buy minimums, and purchase restrictions.

DCC&S Trading for Qualified Retirement Plans

Utilize Defined Contribution Clearance & Settlement (DCC&S) services for certain qualified retirement plan account types, like HSA accounts.

* Disclaimer: This product is provided by DriveWealth, LLC, DriveWealth, LLC provides financial brokerage services, specifically, clearing and custodial services to customers of its introducing partners. The Firm supports products such as: equities, fixed income, mutual funds and options. DriveWealth serves customers worldwide.

*All trading carries risk, including the potential loss of your entire investment, and past performance is no indication or guarantee of future results. Fractional Trading (defined below) has unique risks and has certain limitations; Fractional Shares (defined below) may also have different rights from full share interests in the same security. You should review and understand these risks and limitations before engaging in Fractional Trading.

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