Break down barriers with fractional investing

Replace legacy systems with cutting-edge API technology that keeps pace with digital disruptors. Our platform is specifically designed to help incumbents migrate assets smoothly, expand and diversify revenue streams, and reduce operational expenses.

The benefit

Historically investing was limited to those with large sums of money.  Through fractional investing, barriers to entry are opened and all investors, regardless of income, can easily participate in the market.

Through our fractional investing feature, some of our Partners have seen small trades meaningfully aggregate and lead to a material new revenue stream. 

“Cashless” brokerage

DriveWealth offers our Partners access to “cashless” brokerage. Partners can integrate a brokerage account with other elements of their wallet, abstracting the complexity of interoperability and different stores of value away from the client experience.

The benefit

Cashless brokerage provides a frictionless, simple experience that allows our Partners’ clients to invest and save in one location from their phone. Cashless brokerage along with our patented fractional investing combine to break down barriers to investing, positioning clients to easily take control of their financial goals.

Through cashless brokerage, we have seen our Partners add more users to their platform and because they are regularly checking their account, they are also spending more time on our Partners' apps.

Drive client loyalty with a stock rewards program

Reward loyal, global clients with fractional share investing along with the ability to fractionally invest in their favorite US brands or other investment options including equities, ETFs, mutual funds, fixed income, and options.

The benefit

Our Partners differentiate themselves from competitors that offer cash back programs by offering their clients the opportunity to begin their investing journey and potentially achieve greater financial rewards. A stock reward program also keeps them engaged with our Partners' apps because they are checking their investments.

Empower clients with round up investing

Round up investing has helped some Partners build long-term, global client relationships by helping clients begin their investment journey right from their phone.  By automatically rounding up the value of their purchases into an investment account, they can begin investing with pennies in their favorite US brands or choose from other investment options including equities, ETFs, mutual funds, fixed income, and options.

The benefit

Our Partners differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering their clients access to helping them meet their investment goals with the leftover change from their purchases.

Partners can become more than just a vendor to their clients – they could become a valued and unique relationship by offering access to wealth generation without having to save up for required trade minimums or establish deliberate investment habits.

Earn income through securities lending

Securities lending provides an opportunity for Partners and their clients to earn income on fully paid shares. Once enabled, we could attempt to match lendable shares with prospective borrowers. When stocks are on loan, our Partners and their clients can earn income over the course of the loan and be paid monthly while retaining ownership of the shares.

The benefit

Partners offer their clients yet another avenue to build financial stability and strengthen their relationships, all while earning additional revenue for their firm.

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