DriveWealth Rings the Opening Bell at NYSE to Celebrate its Launch of Options Trading

DriveWealth, LLC, a global fintech and pioneer in fractional investing, rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on September 8th, 2023. The celebration was in honor of DriveWealth’s successful launch of their highly-anticipated options trading product.

The NYSE, a venerable institution in the world of financial markets, recognized the importance of DriveWealth’s achievement and extended this prestigious invitation to Drivewealth’s Chief Product Officer (CPO), John Shammas, to ring the opening bell. 

The launch of DriveWealth’s options trading product is a significant milestone in the company’s journey, highlighting their commitment to providing innovative and accessible financial solutions to investors worldwide. Shammas emphasized the achievement, stating, “It’s a remarkable accomplishment to build a complex product like options trading. We’ve worked tirelessly to bring this feature to our platform, and it’s a testament to our team’s dedication and expertise.”

DriveWealth has consistently strived to democratize finance by increasing access to the opportunities available in the US capital markets. This latest offering not only benefits investors in the United States but also opens doors for investors around the world. The options trading feature is expected to empower investors with greater flexibility and advanced trading strategies.

Jon Herrick, NYSE Head of Markets, acknowledged DriveWealth’s role in expanding global access to US capital markets, saying, “DriveWealth seeks to increase access to the opportunities that can only be found in US capital markets, not just to investors here in the US, but around the world.” He added, “The NYSE truly values its relationship with DriveWealth, and we look forward to growing it in the years to come.”

DriveWealth’s ability to handle options reflects its commitment to solving fundamentally challenging technical and architectural problems. Their relentless pursuit of excellence not only enhances their tech stack and product but also paves the way for a brighter future in the world of trading and investment.

The launch of the options trading product by DriveWealth represents a pivotal moment in the financial industry, as it increases access to advanced trading instruments for investors worldwide. This achievement not only celebrates DriveWealth’s past accomplishments but also underscores their immense future potential.

About DriveWealth:

DriveWealth, a global fintech investment rail and pioneer of fractional equities trading, is a visionary technology company that empowers more than 100 partners around the world to engage their customers by placing the markets in the palm of their hands. We believe the future is fractional, transactional and mobile. Every mobile device should be a gateway to accessing investing and savings products, services, advice, and assistance for global citizens of all ages, wealth stages, and levels of financial expertise. DriveWealth’s consultative support and cloud-based, modern technology platform allow partners to seamlessly offer branded investing experiences to drive customer acquisition, loyalty, retention, and revenue growth. For more information, please visit or connect with us on Twitter @DriveWealth or on LinkedIn.

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