Embed investing in your branded app and empower emerging investors

DriveWealth’s technology enables our Partners to embed investing in their branded app and place market access in the palm of every consumer’s hand, wherever they transact— around the globe.

We can help you create innovative investing experiences

DriveWealth lets you break down the traditional barriers to investing and engage your customers. By offering fractional share trading through our cutting-edge brokerage platform, you can help turn consumers into owners.

Enable instant investing

With digital onboarding and identity verification, as well as a full suite of money movement options, you can onboard your customers in just a few clicks and allow them to begin investing within minutes.

Our flexible technology supports the full range of account types:

  • Self-directed brokerage
  • Advised – traditional or robo
  • Individual, joint, custodial, trust
  • Traditional and Roth IRAs
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)

Case studies

How Flink uses DriveWealth to power fractional investing in Mexico
How Chipper Cash uses DriveWealth to power U.S. investing across Africa
How Alinea uses DriveWealth to power its educational investing platform for Gen Z
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Join the retail revolution and put the future of embedded investing into the palm of your customer's hands.