Use Cases

  • Flink


    How Flink uses DriveWealth to power trading in Mexico The Problem: Determining key products that would differentiate Flink and drive rapid customer acquisition  As a young neobank in late 2019, Flink passionately believed that embedding fractional investing in the U.S. equities market would be the centerpiece product offering to drive customer adoption of the Flink digital banking […]

  • Chipper Cash

    Chipper Cash

    How Chipper Cash uses DriveWealth to power U.S. investing across Africa The Problem: Becoming a full financial platform Chipper Cash offered its four million users a borderless way to send and receive money across seven African countries and the United Kingdom.  The company was seeing 80,000 transactions a day, and receiving positive reviews from its customers, […]

  • MoneyLion


    How MoneyLion used DriveWealth to launch the leading financial membership app for empowering the US middle-class and underbanked to take control of their finances The Problem: Creating an engaging financial ecosystem MoneyLion’s goal was to create a financial ecosystem that would help its underserved US customers improve their credit and access a broad range of customized […]

  • Digit


    How Digit uses DriveWealth to power its retirement and investing products The Problem: Going beyond savings The company wanted to expand its suite of offerings beyond a simple savings account. They created an automatic investment solution with a $5 monthly subscription fee. They believed that their customers would be more likely to stick with the […]

  • MotivHealth


    How MotivHealth uses DriveWealth to power its all-in-one health insurance dashboard The Problem: Offering an embedded investing experience for HSAs MotivHealth wanted a comprehensive health solution for its customers. Dave Hall, the CEO of MotivHealth, had always seen the HSA as more of a health benefit than a bank account, and wanted customers to be able […]

  • INDmoney


    How INDmoney used DriveWealth to launch a successful wealth management platform The Problem: Converting consumers into shareholders INDmoney’s goal was to create an artificial intelligence and machine learning-based wealth management platform synonymous with investment advising in India. In addition, the company targets families in India and investment advisors by providing U.S. fractional equities trading and other […]

  • Alinea


    How Alinea uses DriveWealth to power its educational investing platform for Gen Z The Problem: Getting to market quickly The team at Alinea Invest had the mission, the community and the network; now they just needed the right platform to build their application.  A Y Combinator-backed company, Alinea built a community on college campuses —from Columbia, to […]

  • Templum


    How Templum Integrated DriveWealth into its Alternative Trading System (ATS)  The Problem: A lack of electronic brokerage services and custody solutions for alternative asset Templum recognized the market need for a complete solution for alternative investments, allowing investors to trade secondary shares of assets on the Templum ATS. Templum sought a partner for clearing services, […]