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DriveWealth provides solutions that transform the investing landscape. Our award-winning APIs power investing for 100+ fintechs, brokers, and advisors worldwide.

Our partners in innovation

We work with partners to bring investing to emerging investors around the globe.

Our tech is flexible enough to meet your needs — today and in the future

Our industrial-strength trading platform is designed to evolve. We continually invent new ways to help our partners increase stickiness and engagement. Offering brokerage capabilities can connect your customers more closely with your app, leading to more frequent—and more profitable—transactions.

  • Trade


    Let users trade in microshares with as little as a dollar, a Yen, or a Peso

  • Advise


    Create portfolios for different customer segments or build customized portfolios for specific customers

  • Robo


    Create low touch, low cost investment portfolios managed with AI

  • Retire


    U.S. customers can invest incrementally towards their long term savings goals

  • Health Savings Account (HSA)

    Health Savings Account (HSA)

    U.S. customers can invest their HSA funds for tax advantaged investing

  • Reward


    Award shares of your company stock instead of points to brand loyalists

  • Round-Up


    Offer your customers the ability to round up their purchases into microshare* investments

  • Alternatives


    Power the future of investing and offer access to crypto, tokens, collectibles or whatever customers want to trade

* Microshare transactions are trades of less than one whole share, in amounts as little as one dollar.

Click here to view fractional share definitions and disclosures

real-time APIs

We offer powerful, easy to use APIs that allow you to manage every stage of the investing journey, from customer onboarding, account funding and trading to digital statements and tax reporting.

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brokerage services

Retail investors benefit from our in-house brokerage capabilities, with deep liquidity, direct market access, high performance execution and custodial services.

We help companies around
the globe bring investing
to their customers

Leveraging our technology, our 100+ partners provide affordable market access to more than 16 million investors in the U.S., LATAM, EMEA, and APAC.

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