Blue Ocean Technologies Partners with DriveWealth to Expand Connectivity, Geographic Reach, and Trading Services

DriveWealth is pleased to share that we have expanded our Partnership with Blue Oceans Technologies, a capital markets fintech leader in global trading and data, to provide our global B2B partners extended real-time access to equities trading and trading data on the Blue Ocean ATS platform from 8 p.m. – 4 a.m., US ET. Blue Ocean will also grow its connectivity among the DriveWealth markets in Asia-Pacific and other global regions.

Brian Hyndman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Ocean Technologies, commented, “We are excited to partner with DriveWealth, a fintech innovator who shares our vision of empowering investors in the global equities trading landscape. Expanding our reach by connecting to new brokers to provide trading accessibility, data, and innovation is a shared value, and we are committed to growing our reach to new markets.”

“Having started the year with record trading volumes in the afterhours timeframe is validation of our market model to provide investors with convenience to trade during their daytime in Asia-Pacific or at their leisure after traditional hours in other time zones.” he added.

Michael Blaugrund, CEO of DriveWealth, said, “Modern retail investors increasingly expect financial markets to provide the same ‘always-on’ experience as other online activities. DriveWealth’s connectivity to Blue Ocean enables our global partners to offer real-time execution 24 hours a day, including seamlessly transitioning from overnight to core trading hours.”

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