Extended Hours Fractional Trading

Powering investors around the world: Trade fractional equities from 4 AM – 8 PM ET

DriveWealth’s core goal from the start has been to democratize investing for the global population by providing everyone with equal access to the financial markets. Our first step was pioneering fractional trading, powered by our patented Fracker engine1, to allow retail investors to trade the stocks they were interested in, regardless of the price of a single share. Our next step forward is to enable our partners to offer real-time fractional share trading to their global user base. We envision an open financial system where users across the globe can share a uniform trading experience, regardless of what time zone they reside in.

We are happy to announce the launch of fractional equities trading from 4 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time. This capability will allow for investors to trade for 16 hours per day and enable real-time access to markets regardless of where they are – in New York, London, Sydney or Seoul.

Retail investors around the globe want access to US financial markets, to build financial security and wealth. For those outside of North America, particularly in Asia, standard market hours don’t overlap much with waking hours. Providing fractional trading in the extended hours gives them the confidence to place trades, and the satisfaction of receiving same-day order execution. They no longer have to wait until the next day to find out what execution price they received — or discover that the limit order they placed outside of core trading hours wasn’t filled, because the price moved at market open.

Make Trading Seamless

What Makes Us Different

Our Extended Hours Fractional trading solution provides our partners and their users the ability to trade fractional equities 16 hours per day, which we believe provides the most fractional trading hours in the industry, with access to the most fractional symbols for the duration. Our automated order collaring logic and price monitoring allows our pre- and post-market user experience to mimic that of core NYSE trading hours. Our market access is powered by DriveWealth Institutional which provides high-quality execution and access to any equity market endpoint through our long-standing relationships with several top-tier institutional broker-dealers.

To learn more about the Extended Hours Trading program including benefits, risks, and disclosures, please reach out to your account representative or view our documentation here.


1: DriveWealth’s Proprietary Fracker® Technology Patented by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office – DriveWealth

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