DriveWealth Celebrates Women’s History Month

DriveWealth Celebrates Women’s History Month

By Hiral Desai, VP of Marketing

At DriveWealth, we’re committed to celebrating the contributions of each and every employee year-round, but this month, we’re excited to shine the spotlight on a few of the talented women behind our success in honor of Women’s History Month. In order to learn more about the trailblazers who have shaped our community, we asked team members how they got started in the industry and about the incredible women who’ve inspired and mentored them along the way. Here’s what they had to say:

Emily Baldwin, a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a blue top and smiling.

Emily Baldwin, Senior Communications Manager

I began my career at a PR agency that was powered by women. The female leaders at the company taught me to be confident in who I am and how to lead with empathy. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their influence, and I couldn’t be more thankful for their guidance.

One woman who I find especially inspirational is Blythe Masters. The youngest Managing Director in J.P. Morgan’s history, digital assets influencer, and board member of the Global Fund for Women, Blythe is an amazing role model and a true pioneer.

Britt Clark, a white man with short dirty blonde or brown hair, looking away from the camera and wearing a blue-checkered button up.

‍Britt Clark, Product Manager

The biggest experience that shaped my career is the desire to build a better life. My sister and I grew up with minimal resources. As a single parent, my mom always did the best she could, but we struggled for years, and even spent time in a homeless shelter. No matter what, she was always there for us and instilled in us a sense of wonderment, respect, and desire to achieve. My mother is my hero, and one of the women who inspires me the most, as cliché as that sounds.

Whether I achieve greatness or not, she is proud of me and what I have accomplished. My former supervisors at both Charles Schwab and Pershing were also great mentors to me. Both women gave me the freedom, autonomy, and trust to run with projects that were outside my daily scope and comfort zone.

Emily Ellis, a white woman with shoulder-length, wavy brown hair, wearing a button-up with thin vertical stripes and smiling.

Emily Ellis, Head of People

I got the operations and people bug when I started my career as an Executive Assistant under several amazing female leaders. These women empowered me to take on more responsibilities and step out of my comfort zone by always including me in meetings and projects that I found interesting. Without their encouragement, trust, and guidance, I would not be where I am today.

I have always admired Sallie Krawcheck, who I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person. She is so open and candid about the challenges she’s navigated throughout her career. Her perseverance, confidence, and shrewd decision making are inspiring to me.

Yousra Hebeishy, a Moroccan woman with long dark brown hair, looking slightly upward toward the camera and smiling.

Yousra Hebeishy, Account Manager

I’ve always struggled with fitting in boxes – my interests were so varied that it was difficult to find one thing and stick with it. I’ve had jobs in many fields, but none have held my interest the way that tech and finance have. The fintech industry allows me to combine the two things I enjoy the most, and at DriveWealth I get to do what I love, travel, and work with people from all over the world.

I’ve learned many important lessons in the tech industry, the majority from a female manager at a previous firm. She taught me to always take up space, be confident in my knowledge, and take risks. Her words continue to guide me and I am forever appreciative of that.

Gina Tuccio, a woman with long brown hair, smiling at the camera.

Gina Tuccio, CFO of DriveWealth Institutional

I started my career as a financial analyst at a consulting firm in Washington, D.C. I was fortunate to have a manager who was also a great mentor and taught me the skills I needed to be a valuable member of a finance team. She showed me that a win for one member of the team is a win for everyone and how important it is to advocate for all team members.

I also worked with many impressive women while at the NYSE. My job on the sales team was to keep Wall Street veterans up-to-date with the ever-changing exchange environment. Most employees were older men, and as a young woman just starting my career, it was challenging to navigate these relationships. Thankfully, there were a few women in senior positions on the team, including Janna Hodge and Stacey Cunningham, who showed me how to confidently maintain these relationships and feel more comfortable taking up space in a mostly male-dominated world.