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The DriveWealth ICE 100 Index ETF seeks to provide investment results that, before fees and expenses, track the performance of the ICE DriveWealth 100 Index (the “Index”). The ICE DriveWealth 100 Index is a rules-based, equal-weighted index that tracks the performance of U.S.-listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The Index selects the 100 top ETFs based on a methodology that ranks eligible funds according to size, liquidity and risk-adjusted return.


The ICE DriveWealth 100 Index tracks the performance of all U.S.-listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) across all issuers, sectors, asset classes and industry groups, and selects the 100 top ETFs based on a methodology that ranks eligible funds according to size, liquidity and risk-adjusted return. The Index undergoes a full reconstitution of constituent holdings quarterly.

The ICE DriveWealth 100 Index will have an equal weighting of all 100 constituents at the beginning of every quarter when the fund will be rebalanced and reconstituted. Index selection will include the new constituents based on the momentum-based methodology. Eligible ETFs will be ranked and assessed based on the criteria of fees, total return over the past quarter, and volatility over the previous quarter. To get a full understanding of the methodology view the prospectus.

Criteria to be an eligible constituent are as follows:

  • Fund must be listed on a U.S. exchange
  • Fund must have at least $100m in assets
  • Must not be a levered product
  • The fund cannot be an inverse fund
  • No Exchange traded notes will be included
  • No ETFs of ETFs
  • Volume must exceed $3m on a daily average

See important risk information at the bottom of the page.

Fund Information as of Apr 25, 2023

April 25, 2023
State Street
Drive Advisory
Foreside Fund Services, LLC.

Listing Information as of Apr 25, 2023

Exchange Listing Date Trading Currency Ticker CUSIP ISIN
NYSE April 25, 2023 USD CETF 26209c 107 US26209c1071

Fund Market Price as of Jun 6, 2023


Premium Discount to NAV Graph and Summary Line Chart

Before investing carefully consider the Fund’s investment objective, risks, charges, and expenses. This information is contained in the prospectus available here. Read carefully before investing.

Fund Net Cash Amount as of Jun 6, 2023


Fund Net Asset Value as of Jun 6, 2023


Performance as of Jun 6, 2023

1 Month QTD YTD 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year Incept.
NAV 0.0008 0.0083 0.0746
Market Value 0.0006 0.0079 0.0706
ICE DriveWealth 100 Index 0.0373 0.0747 0.1192 0.0426 0.1119 0.0926 0.1005 0.0779

The performance data quoted represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. For the most recent month-end performance call 833-222-8843.

Top Holdings

Fund Top Holdings as of Jun 6, 2023

Name Ticker Performance
ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF BITO 0.06302535687584276
iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF ITB 0.03213811287256996
SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF XHB 0.028806640625054225
VanEck Steel Index Fund SLX 0.021361145152705818
iShares MSCI Mexico ETF EWW 0.020734016587494297
First Trust Industrials/Producer Durables AlphaDEX Fund FXR 0.016597510373443924
First Trust Materials AlphaDEX Fund FXZ 0.01574286651361101
iShares MSCI Poland ETF EPOL 0.014724733832340409
Global X U.S. Infrastructure Development ETF PAVE 0.01436077057793339
SPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense ETF XAR 0.014056279169449404
VanEck Oil Service ETF OIH 0.012351965640748475
WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund DXJ 0.010843754384049387
iShares U.S. Oil Equipment & Services ETF IEZ 0.010529301297945493
iShares Edge MSCI Intl Value Factor ETF IVLU 0.009315971603897966
Global X Copper Miners ETF COPX 0.009251700680272146
iShares Currency Hedged MSCI EAFE ETF HEFA 0.009185935421461622
SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ETF XES 0.008912815630321758
iShares MSCI Italy ETF EWI 0.008633287488450492
iShares MSCI Europe Financials ETF EUFN 0.007600909276186174
iShares MSCI EAFE Value ETF EFV 0.007407886180148093
Avantis International Equity ETF AVDE 0.006696639599987453
ROBO Global Robotics and Automation Index ETF ROBO 0.0065579581708612444
iShares Edge MSCI Intl Quality Factor ETF IQLT 0.0057148936791193705
Avantis International Small Cap Value ETF AVDV 0.005106237089393062
iShares Currency Hedged MSCI EMU ETF HEZU 0.004933740946309717
Pacer Developed Markets International Cash Cows 100 ETF ICOW 0.004686248285204364
Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic ETF BOTZ 0.00457585357268564
Dimensional International Value ETF DFIV 0.004430642677581087
iShares MSCI Spain ETF EWP 0.0037734966208147203
Franklin FTSE United Kingdom ETF FLGB 0.0036809815950920033
Vanguard FTSE Europe ETF VGK 0.003594183956869834
First Trust Institutional Preferred Securities and Income ETF FPEI 0.0035650623885918886
JPMorgan BetaBuilders Europe ETF BBEU 0.003539493293591711
X-trackers MSCI Europe Hedged Equity Fund DBEU 0.0035361875226549433
iShares Europe ETF IEV 0.0035331862623384502
Schwab Fundamental International Large Company Index FNDF 0.003327491574204533
iShares Core MSCI Europe ETF IEUR 0.003293284479195968
First Trust DJ Global Select Dividend Index Fund FGD 0.0032110091743118296
First Trust Preferred Securities and Income ETF FPE 0.003119151590767144
Pacer Global Cash Cows Dividend ETF GCOW 0.0031095798862974533
Invesco FTSE RAFI Developed Markets ex-U.S. ETF PXF 0.002948357537985391
Invesco Variable Rate Preferred ETF VRP 0.0027893432438081955
Principal Spectrum Preferred Securities Active ETF PREF 0.002665525178809469
Dimensional International Core Equity 2 ETF DFIC 0.00263469936903582
First Trust Developed Markets ex-US AlphaDEX Fund FDT 0.002573238321456728
SPDR Blackstone Senior Loan ETF SRLN 0.0023434177661418865
Invesco Senior Loan ETF BKLN 0.002204592765001845
FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF – December DDEC 0.0021186440677967155
iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF EZU 0.0020632279816175103
iShares MSCI Germany ETF EWG 0.002036998793422118
Innovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF – March PMAR 0.0019824720459351575
Innovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF – October POCT 0.0018403412553320564
First Trust Senior Loan ETF FTSL 0.0017789637536134162
Innovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF – January UJAN 0.0017680074836294857
SPDR Portfolio Europe ETF SPEU 0.0017375898900890974
iShares MSCI France ETF EWQ 0.0016839763681306685
Global X S&P 500 Covered Call ETF XYLD 0.0014609203798392478
VanEck Emerging High Yield Bond ETF HYEM 0.0013633937966419651
X-trackers MSCI EAFE High Dividend Yield Equity ETF HDEF 0.0012547971195722152
WisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity Fund HEDJ 0.0011935840107775153
Dimensional International Small Cap Value ETF DISV 0.0009494374931136029
Dimensional International Small Cap ETF DFIS 0.0007429814552704084
Schwab Fundamental International Small Cap Company index FNDC 0.0006652587610198601
ProShares Investment Grade Interest Rate Hedged IGHG 0.0005149993562507671
iShares Interest Rate Hedged Corporate Bond ETF LQDH 0.0004301342189727553
VanEck IG Floating Rate ETF FLTR 0.0003721718916680494
iShares Floating Rate Bond ETF FLOT 0.00030996141492267704
BlackRock Short Maturity Municipal Bond ETF MEAR 0.00030684905465139245
iShares Treasury Floating Rate Bond ETF TFLO 0.0002685523955476832
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Investment Grade Floating Rate ETF FLRN 0.00025837306395581905
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF BIL 0.00023644810786360715
iShares 0-3 Month Treasury Bond ETF SGOV 0.00022665122495868495
iShares Short Treasury Bond ETF SHV 0.00022594228537808903
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays 3-12 Month T-Bill ETF BILS 0.00022176284990949036
Goldman Sachs Treasury Access 0-1 Year ETF GBIL 0.0002183906604638075
Invesco Treasury Collateral ETF CLTL 0.00021332195110379537
iShares iBonds Dec 2023 Term Treasury ETF IBTD 0.00020438624458307686
PGIM Ultra Short Bond ETF PULS 0.00020341741253071532
PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity Exchange-Traded Fund MINT 0.0002014098690834576
JPMorgan Ultra-Short Municipal Income ETF JMST 0.00019790223629523318
US Treasury 3 Month Bill ETF TBIL 0.00019446555052793357
iShares MSCI Netherlands ETF EWN 0.00019059154804645928
Invesco BulletShares 2023 Corporate Bond ETF BSCN 0.00018011135703743797
Janus Henderson AAA CLO ETF JAAA 0.00016782889696398406
iBonds Dec 2023 Term Corporate ETF IBDO 0.00016706610666017419
WisdomTree Bloomberg Floating Rate Treasury Fund USFR 0.0001584012402924273
WisdomTree International High Dividend Fund DTH 0.00015008252116244236
Invesco Variable Rate Investment Grade ETF VRIG 0.00014339100034699293
FlexShares Ultra-Short Income Fund RAVI 0.00013385089010853335
BlackRock Short Maturity Bond ETF NEAR 0.0001227661401097535
SPDR SSgA Ultra Short Term Bond ETF ULST 0.00011893476907598455
BlackRock Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF ICSH 6.744425115434716e-05
Goldman Sachs Access Ultra Short Bond ETF GSST 1.6277608381187747e-05
JPMorgan Ultra-Short Income ETF JPST 0.0
First Trust Enhanced Short Maturity ETF FTSM 0.0
Innovator Defined Wealth Shield ETF BALT -0.00011199421965313316
Invesco Ultra Short Duration ETF GSY -0.00014207666988375056
Vanguard Ultra-Short Bond ETF VUSB -0.00020395676116657935
WisdomTree International SmallCap Dividend Fund DLS -0.0010534093412919443
SPDR EURO STOXX 50 ETF FEZ -0.0015147353153158738
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Distributions as of Jun 7, 2023

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Purchase Information

Buying and Selling ETFs

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a pooled investment security that operates much like a mutual fund. Typically, ETFs will track a particular index, sector, commodity, or other asset, but unlike mutual funds ETFs can be bought or sold on a stock exchange the same way that a regular stock can.

Before investing carefully consider the Fund’s investment objective, risks, charges, and expenses. This information is contained in the prospectus available here. Read carefully before investing.

Distributor: Foreside Fund Services, LLC.

ETF shares are bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the Fund. NAV Returns are calculated using the daily 4:30pm net asset value (NAV). Market price returns reflect the midpoint of the bid/ask spread as of the close of trading on the exchange where Fund shares are listed. Market price returns do not represent the returns you would receive if you traded shares at other times.

Important Risks

Investing involves risks including possible loss of principal. There is no guarantee the fund will achieve its investment objective. The Fund will primarily invest in other ETFs and will be subject to the underlying risks of those respective funds. Equity securities are subject to changes in value, and their values may be more volatile than those of other asset classes. To the extent the Fund does not fully replicate the Index, it is subject to the risk that the investment strategy of the Fund’s investment adviser may not produce the intended results.

The is no guarantee the Fund’s investment strategy will be successful. In managing the Fund’s portfolio, the investment adviser engages one or more sub-advisers to make investment decisions for a portion of or the entire portfolio. There is a risk that the investment adviser may be unable to identify and retain sub-advisers that achieve superior investment returns relative to other similar sub-advisers.