Our technology enables innovative experiences

We have built a platform that is flexible and customizable to the needs of your business and your customers. We deliver a speedy brokerage experience that can take customers from account creation to transaction in two minutes or less.

A comprehensive investing solution

DriveWealth’s patent-pending Fracker technology lets customers own fractional shares of stock and build diversified portfolios for less than the cost of a single share of a major tech stock. In addition, our Autopilot Portfolio Management Tool makes it easy to create, manage and rebalance customer portfolios. Simply select the investments, set the target asset allocation, establish drift parameters and rebalancing frequency—then let our technology do the rest.

While our platform is designed to be used out of the box, the implementation is unique to each of our partners. Our partners are already using our technology to offer:

Investing solutions as unique as your customers

While other brokerage apps are one size fits all, our partners can use our technology in new ways that are right for them and their customers. If you envision a solution that doesn’t currently exist, we will partner with you to build it.

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