Seamless APIs

We make it easy to embed investing in your app

DriveWealth’s APIs provide an end-to-end solution for nearly any investment experience you wish to create—from traditional advisor offerings to automatic investment roundups embedded directly into consumer shopping experiences.

APIs for brokerage

We offer seamless APIs that allow you to manage every stage of the investment journey, from customer onboarding, account funding and trading to digital statements, compliance documents and tax reporting. We’ve even built an Events API to make it easy for you to receive important notifications in real time.

A platform with the strength and flexibility that your customers demand

Our unique, patent-pending Fracker™ technology* enables investors anywhere to place orders of any size, for any asset, in any currency. We offer fractional share investing with near real-time execution out to eight decimal places. You can give your customers the ability to buy $10 of their favorite stock, build a diversified portfolio for $100, or round up their daily transactions. And we’ll help you imagine novel embedded microshare** investing experiences.

We take security seriously

Encrypted, redundant and secure

Our technology is fully redundant and secure, so you can feel confident that your customers are protected. Each of our partners receives a unique application, with an authentication token that is refreshed every 12 hours. All of our APIs and connections are secure sockets layer (SSL) encrypted from end to end. We enforce multi-factor authentication throughout the organization.

Audited, tested and compliant

Industry leading controls are in place and measured for performance, compliance and effectiveness. Security is built in from the start of our products—not an afterthought added later. At DriveWealth we put our security and controls to the test by actively engaging independent third-party audits and testing to ensure that our security standards are managed and met.

At DriveWealth we put our security and controls to the test by actively engaging independent third-party audits and testing to ensure that our security standards are managed and met.

Examinations and Compliance

  • SOC 2 Type 1 and 2
  • SOC 3
  • GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation)
  • CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)
  • Penetration Testing (an internal requirement)

DriveWealth is purpose-built from the ground up

We have the a modern, resilient, configurable and highly scalable platform, and we’re constantly evolving our tech stack to help our partners continue innovating. Every line of code we write is designed to power the next decade of the retail revolution, enabling our partners to Frack anything and embed anywhere.

We are serious about managing risk and protecting investors

DriveWealth was the first company in the world to launch real-time fractional trading in U.S. equities—and we did so only after securing approval and licenses from the U.S. regulators. We are licensed to support the regulatory-compliant retail offerings of correspondent brokers and registered investment advisors both in and outside the U.S. We hired most of our legal, compliance and regulatory teams from the regulatory agencies, in order to ensure that DriveWealth maintains the strictest compliance with NYSE, FINRA and SEC rules and regulations.

API stands for application program interface. An API specifies how software components should interact. Our suite of APIs allow our partners to build applications that connect to our brokerage platform.

Embedded investing refers to the ability to access investment products and services through a non-native financial services company’s app.

* Fracker technology is DriveWealth’s proprietary order management system which allows for real-time fractional share trading.

** Microshare transactions are trades of less than one whole share, in amounts as little as one dollar.

‍Click here to view fractional share definitions and disclosures

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