Our Expertise

A sophisticated team, working for you

Embedded investing* can be complex, and the stakes are high. In order to do it right, companies need top tech talent to help them implement their solution. But they also need brokerage experts to keep them in compliance with industry regulations. Our experienced technology and brokerage teams can work with you to design your solution, adhere to the legal requirements and ultimately engage and empower your customers.

Consultative support sets us apart

Our Partner Solutions Group is a dedicated team of experts who we deploy to walk our partners through application design, build and API integration. Each partner is assigned an integration manager to help them create a project plan that is customized to their scope and timeline.

We also offer a comprehensive developer site that contains materials to help make the implementation of our APIs as seamless as possible with:

  • A dedicated Slack channel to facilitate quick and efficient communication
  • API reference material including robust request and response details
  • Minimum Viable Product guides that can help you get to market and serve customers as quickly as possible
  • Pre-built Postman collections and environments
  • Documentation overviewing core processes and requirements

With deep expertise, hands-on support and superior technology, we can help you customize your offering and deploy it in the right way for your customers and your brand.

Ongoing support for anything you need

Once the development process is completed, we provide each of our partners with a dedicated Account Manager, whose responsibilities are to make sure everything runs smoothly post-launch. We have a Partner Playbook that includes comprehensive business user documentation, detailed workflows and product examples. And we implement Jira ticketing for post-launch support.

Brokerage expertise, at your service

Brokerage regulations are multi-faceted, and vary from market to market. At DriveWealth, we’re committed to helping you stay in compliance from day one, so that your app stays up and running. Our Legal, Regulatory and Compliance experts can help you navigate the complexities and launch an app that adheres to all the relevant rules, no matter where you operate.

The team will perform a complete review of your application before you go live, to ensure that it complies with regulatory requirements.

We are here for whatever you need, but we also work to foster independence. Our skilled professionals can train your customer service reps, coach your customer experience designers, keep your legal team up to date, and enable your engineers to service our APIs in-house.

API stands for application program interface. An API specifies how software components should interact. Our suite of APIs allow our partners to build applications that connect to our brokerage platform.

Embedded investing refers to the ability to access investment products and services through a non-native financial services company’s app.

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