Market Access

Put our institutional traders to work for your customers

For more than 35 years, DriveWealth Institutional (DWI) has operated from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Direct access to expertise and information

The DWI team is made up of highly-skilled and experienced securities industry veterans, and has core expertise in event-driven, risk arbitrage, pair trading and corporate action trading. Through DWI, we offer custom algorithmic trading strategies, prime brokerage, options execution, and fixed income trading, as well as unique order types that are only available to floor brokers on the NYSE.

Our partners benefit from DWI’s point of sale presence on the trading floor of the NYSE, plus:

  • Trading performance and any issues
  • Real-time market conditions and trends
  • Regulatory and jurisdictional issues that could affect the market
  • Weekly market insights from our Chief Market Strategist

  • Real-time information for:
    • NYSE listed IPOs
    • Limit Up / Limit Down (LULD)
    • Market-wide circuit breakers (MWCB)
    • Daily end of day email on the closing imbalance

Electronic market access for high-quality execution

As a member of the NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE American, NYSE National and NYSE Arca Equities exchanges, we offer direct connectivity to these destinations via our 15c3-5-compliant Market Access Gateways. This can allow your customers to achieve high-quality execution of their trades. We also have the ability to access any equity endpoint through our long-standing relationships with several top-tier institutional broker-dealers.

  • 5 Exchange Memberships – NYSE, NYSE National, NYSE American, NASDAQ, NYSE Arca Equities
  • 4 ATS Subscriptions
  • Single Point Dealers/Internalizers
  • 15 Domestic/International Broker Relationships
  • 10+ Interdealer Desks
  • 150+ Destinations and Algorithms

We’re constantly adding investment products and account types

Through DriveWealth, partners can offer their customers the full breadth or a limited subset of our investment products, account types and services. In addition, we are constantly looking to expand the kinds of accounts and assets we support. There’s always more to come because we’re more than brokerage.


  • 6,000+ U.S. Equities, ETF/ETNs, ADRs and top-traded OTC symbols
  • Target yield fixed income ETFs that can also be white-labeled 
  • Money Market sweep
  • FDIC Bank Sweep
  • Securities Lending


  • Seamless support for cashless brokerage accounts
  • Automated ACH processing
  • Prefabbed CIP/KYC rails through Alloy + Onfido + Socure
  • Secure bank information transmission through Plaid integration
  • Instant buying power through an API, not a batch file

Account Types:

  • Individual or Joint
  • Custodial or Trust
  • Retirement – Traditional IRA and Roth IRA
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) 
  • Virtual accounts to support international wires

DriveWealth is truly end-to-end embedded investing solution

Other providers may claim to be full service, but they route orders to market makers. DriveWealth owns execution down to the point of sale and routes orders for best execution, so that your customers can get the best possible price for their transactions.

Our Fracker™ system* carries an inventory of every security that is traded on our platform. Every fractional share order is executed in real time on a principal basis at the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO). If your customer buys more than our inventory holds, we can execute streetside via DWI.

DWI’s uniquely configured digital infrastructure offers great flexibility in the routing and execution of order flow, which is critical in volatile or unprecedented market conditions, and provides retail investors with execution quality and price discovery previously available only to institutions and ultra-wealthy investors. DWI can provide our partners with execution and performance reports that offer full transparency in strategy visualization, venue performance, benchmark performance and trade expense.

API stands for application program interface. An API specifies how software components should interact. Our suite of APIs allow our partners to build applications that connect to our brokerage platform.

Embedded investing refers to the ability to access investment products and services through a non-native financial services company’s app.

* Fracker technology is DriveWealth’s proprietary order management system which allows for real-time fractional share trading

Click here to view fractional share definitions and disclosures

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