Donato J. Cuttone

Donato J. Cuttone

Chief Executive Officer, DriveWealth Institutional

Donato joined DriveWealth in January of 2021 through the acquisition of his firm, Cuttone & Company, one of the largest independent NYSE Member firms. Founded in 1984, Cuttone & Company provided institutional execution services at the point-of-sale on the NYSE trading floor and across all U.S. Exchanges, ECNs, ATSs and alternative venues. Under Donato’s leadership in infrastructure, organizational management, and technology, the company expanded its business lines to include investment banking, wholesale execution, and algorithmic sales and trading. Donato currently serves on the Board of Directors of NYSE National, Inc., previously serving as a Board Member on the National Stock Exchange from February 2015 through January 2017.

An entrepreneur at heart, Donato has developed and successfully launched additional businesses in proprietary trading and asset management. In 2009, Donato founded and launched AlgoPartners, LLC, a FINRA registered broker-dealer, with an innovative new business model that unlocked value in order flow and passed it back to the client, while maintaining exceptional execution quality.

Starting his career as a Clerk in 1987 and working his way up through all levels of the company to gain core expertise in the microstructure of the U.S. Equity market, Donato was elected as Floor Official in 1999, Senior Floor Official in 2003 and Governor in 2018. He served for 21 years as an NYSE Floor Broker, and currently oversees the company’s operational leadership.

Donato is a General Securities Principal and holds Series 24, 7, 7A, 19, 63, and 99 securities licenses.

Donato Cuttone