The Power of Embedded Investing

Helping you engage your customers and democratize investing

Employment perks and benefits

Brokerage leads to increased engagement

DriveWealth enables our partners to deliver seamless trading experiences in their branded apps. And it works: one of our partners saw 28% more customer transactions across the platform and generated 15% more gross profit after they added stock brokerage to their digital wallet offering. With more products and touch points, relationship-building and engagement can flourish, reducing the risk of losing customers to other providers. Source

Bringing access to emerging investors

DriveWealth seeks to eliminate the traditional barriers to investing and trading. Our mission is to empower brands to turn their consumers into owners. We can help you build loyalty, increase retention and potentially grow revenues by embedding finance into your customers’ daily lives. Using our pioneering fractional share technology, you can connect your customers with the markets—in their own currencies—with minimums as low as $1 and the ability to trade wherever and whenever they make a payment.

Your business goals, our technology

You know your customer, who they are and what they want. We know technology, and we’ve built a modern platform that can support you to meet their investing needs. Our solution is driven by application programming interfaces (APIs) designed to integrate seamlessly with your technology.

Working with DriveWealth requires no additional tech spend or cumbersome system buildout. We can help you move quickly to design and launch your solution, so that you can realize the full potential of embedded investing.

API stands for application program interface. An API specifies how software components should interact.
Our suite of APIs allow our partners to build applications that connect to our brokerage platform.

Embedded investing refers to the ability to access investment products and services through a non-native financial services company’s app.  

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