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Leading the digital revolution
Digital wallets are a mandatory offering for companies who want to stay relevant to their consumers, and DriveWealth is the number one provider for the digital wallet ecosystem. We offer the highest quality brokerage experience, and manage execution down to the point of sale, delivering the highest execution quality possible. Your customers will be able to transact in real time—even in times of market stress—so you don’t have to worry about a disruptions within your app.
Bringing the markets to new participants for pennies a trade
DriveWealth pioneered fractional share trading* in 2015. Through our patent-pending Fracker® technology**, we can help you offer your customers the ability to buy as little as $1 of their favorite stock or create a diversified portfolio on their own terms and within their budget With fractional share trading, emerging investors can start planning for their future today—for less than the price of a single share.

Delivering institutional-quality market access

Through DriveWealth Institutional (DWI), we offer our partners a physical presence on the trading floor of the NYSE that allows access to information, insights and order types that are only available to floor brokers.

With over 35 years of experience and 32 positions on the NYSE floor, DWI provides custom algorithmic trading strategies, prime brokerage, options execution and fixed income trading.

And this is only the beginning, we're adding tradable asset classes every day.

DriveWealth powers the exchange of assets. Our trading platform is flexible, with the ability to scale to match investor demand and evolve with the industry.
Our industrial-strength capacity can handle nearly limitless microshare transactions across established and emerging asset classes. Together, we can offer your customers the ability to trade and invest in more than 6,000 U.S. securities, including:
U.S. Equities
Mutual funds and money market funds

What’s next? You tell us.

As a tech visionary, you know that empowered investors will demand more capabilities. Whether you want to add product lines, increase capacity or reach new customers, we can make it happen.
Our commitment to continuous evolution is building the infrastructure you need for whatever tomorrow brings.
* A fractional share is a share quantity that is less than one whole share
** Fracker technology is DriveWealth's proprietary order management system which allows for real-time fractional share trading
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