Data and Analytics Manager (Jersey City, NJ) – Manage the automation process of post-trade data and lead in the design and development of automation solutions for securities trading to ensure accurate and proper archiving of data using Data Warehousing, Multivariate Analysis; Develop IT/Cloud strategy that aligns with business strategies using PLM Processes; Analyze and improve existing data and analytics processes using Big Data, Data Visualizations/Data Science Process; Build and implement internal facing data management tools and dashboards using Process Management (Process Innovation and Management); Implements SQL queries for several relational and foreign databases, maintains repositories, and Analyzes data using Bloomberg Terminal API calls; Write and implement definitions for daily, monthly, and on trigger tasks and jobs using Risk analysis/management; Perform QA regression testing; Troubleshoot issues that arise during the testing phase and offer appropriate technical recommendations. 

Must have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Information Systems plus skills and knowledge in Process Management, PLM Processes, Multivariate Analysis, Risk analysis/management, Big Data, Data Visualizations/Data Science Process, Data Warehousing, Bloomberg Terminal.  

Job location:  Jersey City, NJ. Send rés w/code HEN001 to HR, DriveWealth Institutional LLC, 15 Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ 07302.