Health Savings Account Investing Solution

MotivHealth is a health insurance company focusing on HSA-based insurance plans. Now, it’s offering its customers the ability to invest their HSA balance, right inside their insurance dashboard.

How MotivHealth uses DriveWealth to power its all-in-one health insurance dashboard

The Problem:

Offering an embedded investing experience for HSAs

MotivHealth wanted a comprehensive health solution for its customers. Dave Hall, the CEO of MotivHealth, had always seen the HSA as more of a health benefit than a bank account, and wanted customers to be able to access all of their health benefits in one place. 

The MotivHealth team had trouble finding a provider who could offer a complete solution without adding another login and another portal for their clients. They also needed to partner with a registered investment advisor (RIA) who could offer investment advice to their customers, as they didn’t want to maintain a full RIA themselves.

The Solution:

API-based infrastructure and a consultative partnership

The MotivHealth team realized that with a robust, simple, and vast API set from DriveWealth, they could get this product out the door and achieve the all in one solution faster than they had anticipated. 

MotivHealth needed two partners to fully realize their vision. Once they connected with DriveHSA, a division of DriveWealth focused on the HSA vertical, the team quickly put them in touch with a local RIA consultant that already focuses on the benefits and retirement space.


Speed to market and customer experience

With help from DriveWealth and ABG Consultants, MotivHealth was able to launch their dashboard in only 72 days. 

As of March 2021, 60 percent of MotivHealth’s customers have an HSA investment account; and the average account balance is $10K.

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