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Headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, INDmoney strove to build a wealth management platform that would track and organizes each customer’s financial life across different investments, expenses, loans and taxes. INDmoney enables families to have a better financial future by recommending actions to increase their returns, reach their goals faster, and maximize their wealth.

How INDmoney used DriveWealth to launch a successful wealth management platform

The Problem:

Converting consumers into shareholders

INDmoney’s goal was to create an artificial intelligence and machine learning-based wealth management platform synonymous with investment advising in India. In addition, the company targets families in India and investment advisors by providing U.S. fractional equities trading and other alternative investments.

INDmoney has seen continued growth from its platform throughout India. The company has seen increased mentions on Indian social media networks due to its positive investor experience, which continues to drive monthly account opening to new highs. INDmoney, wanting to capitalize on their initial success and momentum, partnered with DriveWealth to develop an innovative product solution to turbo charge their already impressive results.

“As a Super Money App, INDmoney’s needed to deliver a robust asset allocation and diversification strategy for its customers. Partnership with DriveWealth has enabled us to deliver the same by giving very easy and simple access to our members to the US markets. We are also excited that via this partnership we are able to innovate on top of the DriveWealth stack.”

Ashish Kashyap, Founder, INDmoney

The Solution:

Reward customers with stock instead of loyalty points

INDmoney plans to drive engagement and retention by rewarding existing customers with $5 in free stock instead of loyalty points for every referral that results in a successful new approved account.

Each new investor that activates an account through the referral program will also receive $5 in free stock to get them started with saving and investing. The new stock loyalty referral program will kick off with a marketing campaign to existing customers and open up a new channel for customer acquisition to further the company’s growth in India.

Results: Stay Tuned

Brand awareness and customer acquisition

Stay tuned to see the success of INDmoney’s deployment of a rewards program leveraging DriveWealth’s Rewards API to drive customer acquisition and further solidify INDmoney’s staying power in the marketplace.

DriveWealth’s Partner Solutions Group will continue partnering with INDmoney to help them optimize the use of DriveWealth’s technology capabilities while achieving their strategic growth objectives with the continued expansion of their product and service capabilities. 

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The DriveWealth Difference

DriveWealth’s innovative Rewards API makes it easy for companies to get creative with their marketing budget and loyalty programs. Frictionlessly convert consumers into investors by offering stock instead of loyalty points or discounts off of future purchases.

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