Self Directed Trading Solution

The Alinea team wanted to launch their educational investing platform as soon as possible. The team was able to integrate with DriveWealth’s APIs and launch their product in a record 34 days.

How Alinea uses DriveWealth to power its educational investing platform for Gen Z

The Problem:

Getting to market quickly

The team at Alinea Invest had the mission, the community and the network; now they just needed the right platform to build their application. 

A Y Combinator-backed company, Alinea built a community on college campuses —from Columbia, to Yale, to UCLA—as part of a grassroots campaign to bring investing to 18-to-24-year-old investors. 

But the team had a bigger vision in mind: an application that would help Gen Zs understand how to invest, through curated investment recommendations, bite-sized educational insights, and a focus on impact (ESG) data.

The Solution:

An all-in-one brokerage platform with integration support

When selecting a clearing broker and infrastructure provider, Alinea was concerned about speed-to-market. They wanted a comprehensive suite of brokerage services, to avoid time-consuming integrations with multiple vendors.

Integration with DriveWealth’s API platform and infrastructure offered them a complete solution.

Alinea was also able to achieve the speed-to-market they wanted because of DriveWealth’s robust integration support. The integration team had multiple meetings with Alinea per week, and gave real-time feedback through a shared Slack channel.


Integration to launch in 34 days

Ultimately, Alinea Invest launched just over a month after integration began. They were able to bring their product to market quickly and seamlessly, offering a unique offering: Stacks—baskets of stocks that reflects a theme or strategy.

Forbes — Alinea Invest, A Y Combinator FinTech Startup, Empowers Gen-Zers To Invest In The Stock Market

…We’re thrilled to be working with a company like DriveWealth that has built its brokerage infrastructure with the democratization of finance in mind.

Anam Lakhani, Alinea Co-Founder and Co-CEO

The DriveWealth Difference

DriveWealth’s integration team worked at Alinea’s speed, and our comprehensive brokerage platform made their integration process as quick as possible. 

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