Wall Street Rides FAR: Biking for a Brighter Future

Wall Street Rides FAR: Biking for a Brighter Future

By Erin Kelly, Communications Associate

For as long as I can remember, I was taught the importance of speaking up for those whose voices aren’t always heard. As I entered the professional world, I was determined to apply that same principle to my career – I wanted my work to make a real difference. Yes, we all have our meetings and to-do lists, but there’s so much we can do outside of the office using the resources and support systems we have handy that others may not.  

When I was first introduced to Wall Street Rides FAR in 2021, I was moved by both the inspiring stories of its leaders and the overwhelming support from our industry. The Autism Science Foundation, the organization behind Wall Street Rides FAR, works to fund scientific research for those on the autism spectrum. On a personal note, I can say that this cause is particularly near and dear to my heart. Growing up with a developmentally disabled sibling, I’ve been exposed to a number of organizations and countless people who dedicate their time to advocating for these communities. The values of compassion and empathy were instilled into me very early in life – more importantly, I was taught to maintain those values as an adult. 

Despite a rainy day, this year’s ride was a tremendous success and saw quite a turnout from a number of firms in the financial and fintech industries. Together with over 65 industry sponsors, the Autism Science Foundation crossed the $1 million mark in donations for the first time. As team captain, I was especially moved by Team DriveWealth’s commitment to the cause: not only did we smash our company fundraising goal, but we had team members drive over 2 hours – and even fly in from out of state! – to participate in the ride. 

The opportunity to bring DriveWealth on board was seamless. At the end of the day, our goal is to also make an impact on the lives of people all over the world. To me, that’s what makes us unique: the ability to combine so many unique talents and skill sets to achieve a greater good. Causes like Wall Street Rides FAR allow us, and our industry as a whole, to take our missions one step further and reach a much greater audience.