DriveWealth powers Alinea’s personalized, research-driven investing app for Gen Z investors with fractional shares

DriveWealth powers Alinea’s personalized, research-driven investing app for Gen Z investors with fractional shares

Chatham, N.J., March 23, 2021 — DriveWealth, LLC, a leading global brokerage infrastructure platform, today announced their partnership with Alinea, a Y Combinator-backed company, to offer the next generation of investors a personalized, educational investing experience. The Alinea team integrated with DriveWealth’s APIs in a record 34 days.

One of the biggest challenges Gen Z investors face today is in finding quality research and insights about investments. Alinea is addressing this issue head on by offering an education-based investing platform with bite-sized insights, powered by DriveWealth’s fractional investing technology and brokerage infrastructure.

Though information on individual stocks may be publicly available, many investors do not have the time to sift through lengthy SEC filings, earnings reports, and company profiles. Alinea does the research and offers curated investment recommendations that are based on users’ indicated interests, emphasizes education, personalization, and transparency. They also provide a concise overview of everything from how companies make their money to their management team.

Alinea and DriveWealth’s partnership underscores their shared vision to democratize access to the U.S. equities market. The Alinea team is dedicated to bringing opportunities to minority groups, women, college campuses, and other communities who are underrepresented on Wall Street. Alinea is active on 10 college campuses, including Columbia University, Yale University, and UCLA, with more than 65 community coordinators as part of a grassroots campaign to bring investing to 18-to-24-year-old investors.

“We created DriveWealth’s fractional trading technology to empower companies like Alinea. One of the biggest opportunities in the retail investing space is offering quality resources for researching and constructing a strong personalized portfolio,” said Robert Cortright, CEO of DriveWealth. “We’re proud to provide the infrastructure for Alinea’s mission of introducing a broader range of investors into the market and positioning them for long-term success.”

“We co-founded Alinea to better serve young investors. They have largely been left behind by traditional financial services companies in addition to the upstart digital players,” said Anam Lakhani, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Alinea. “We realize that there’s a significant opportunity in front of us to bring practical products, services and support to this market. As we continue to see rapid growth, we also realize the importance of striking the right partnerships in advancing our mission, and we’re thrilled to be working with a company like DriveWealth that has built its brokerage infrastructure with the democratization of finance in mind.”

About DriveWealth

A pioneer in fractional investing and embedded finance, DriveWealth has built an API-driven, cloud-based brokerage platform that is transforming the investment landscape by democratizing access to U.S. equities for investors domestically as well as abroad. With more than 90 partners in 150 countries around the world, DriveWealth’s mission is to reshape retail investing by enabling banks, global brands, and fintechs to provide investment access and advice to underbanked and underserved customers that was previously only available to the wealthy. For more information, please visit

About Alinea

Alinea is an investing app for GenZs who want to understand the companies they are investing in. We explain how each company makes money, how they treat their stakeholders, and their environmental impact on the world so customers can buy stock in companies they believe in.